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Our Genesis

A Tale of Passion and Commitment

The narrative of Sprout & Gift takes its roots from our founder, Colby Perry, a soul nurtured in the world of arts, and refined by the myriad cultures that embellish our planet. As a Navy veteran who has experienced the vast array of global landscapes, Colby's essence is deeply ingrained with a profound love for the botanical universe. This affection has not only been the compass guiding their path but also the driving force behind the inception of Sprout & Gift.


From E-commerce to Sprout & Gift

From early adolescence, Colby's entrepreneurial spirit found an outlet in the digital realm of e-commerce. This journey began with the management of a thriving eBay store, where they catered to a worldwide audience. Later, when an opportunity to launch a new online store emerged, Colby took the reins. However, they quickly discovered that the proposed product range did not resonate with their innate love for nature.

This realization led Colby back to their passions: the delight of nurturing English roses, the joy of tending houseplants, and a fondness for unique, earthy home items. Thus, the blueprint for a trendy, intimate boutique emerged, one that would specialize in offering houseplants, handcrafted products with woods and textiles, and botanical-themed gifts. From this concept, Sprout & Gift germinated and blossomed into a collection curated with love and devotion.

Our Products

A Symphony of Botanical Wonders

Each plant in our collection is meticulously chosen to ensure its vitality and aesthetic appeal. From the exotic species that inject a dose of adventure into your space, to the timeless elegance of English roses, our botanical wonders cater to a wide range of tastes and styles.

We extend our celebration of nature to our enchanting home fragrances, each thoughtfully crafted to transport you to lush gardens and captivating floral landscapes. Allow these scents to pervade your space, creating an ambience of tranquility and harmony.


We harbor a strong belief in the power and purity of natural ingredients. This ethos permeates our range of products and inspires our collaborations.


We take pride in partnering with small businesses, fostering an ecosystem that thrives on mutual growth and shared values. We acknowledge that not every item we offer may meet the pinnacle of organic and natural standards. However, we strive to balance this by contributing positively to our planet's future.


Our commitment is simple: for every order placed, we plant a tree. This pledge underscores our dedication to sustainability and reinforces our connection with the earth.

Our Vision: To Inspire and Uplift

With Sprout & Gift, our aim is not merely to sell products but to stir inspiration. Many of our items are sourced directly from quaint boutiques and local artisans around the world. Each product, therefore, carries with it a story, a slice of culture, and a dash of global spirit.